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 A step-by-step guide to e-commerce to learn how you can start generating passive income in just a few days with your hard work and smart work. Here's what you'll find inside:

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How to set up your Amazon business to run itself

“In just two months, I was able to quit my job. I now only work an hour a week and make three times my old salary. Thank you Benjamin!”

— Gwen

About Me

Hi, I’m Amar Bedi and I want to help you to grow your E-commerce Business.

  I started my E-commerce journey seven years ago with six months of ample training in New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles (LA). Here I vastly learned the tricks and trade of how an E-commerce business revolving around Amazon has operated with top tier businesses there.   

  I have 15+ years of industry experience and 7+ years of international and national e-commerce experience. In the subsequent year, I successfully offshored their E-commerce portfolio in India. In my e-commerce journey, I have been able to generate more than $70 million (Rs 500 Cr+) of sales internationally and nationally through the Amazon platform for my portfolio of clients and my company. I have worked with some of the top international brands. I’ve also tied up with some of the leading brands in India. Now, After seven years of extensive e-commerce experience. I am presenting how my journey has taken place. I want to contribute back to society.  

About the BOOK.

I am an avid reader; I have read over 25 books in the last year. I have combined this knowledge from books. I want to continue this pursuit of knowledge and share it accordingly. At the same time, I shared my life experience and learning in this book. This book will provide you with basic to advanced knowledge about the e-commerce business as well as information on how to start your e-commerce business. I shared a step-by-step process and the future of E-commerce Business and some Examples of successful e-commerce businesses that help you to think like a successful E-commerce Businessman

I want to impart the learning that I have learned that has helped me thrive over the last years, so I want to impart that knowledge to other aspiring entrepreneurs, struggling new and existing Amazon sellers, retailers, and wholesalers who want to come online and sell. I want to assist them with my learnings, successes, and experiences of the past, which have allowed me and my clients to be successful so that they can do their bit in society and live a life of financial freedom.

Amar Bedi