Jungle Scout, founded by Greg Mercer, has been a game-changer since its establishment in 2015. Initially focusing on search optimization tools for Amazon sellers, the company has evolved to become a powerhouse in managing e-commerce businesses. Its success has been recognized by Forbes, which named Jungle Scout one of the "Best Startup Employers" in 2021. With its main office in Austin, Texas, and branches in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Shenzhen, China, Jungle Scout's global impact is undeniable.

Manny Coats and co-founder Guillermo Puyol established Helium 10 in 2015 to offer Amazon sellers practical software tools for improving their business processes. The company's inception stemmed from realizing the demand for streamlined solutions in the rapidly growing e-commerce industry. Helium 10 is presently under the ownership and management of Pixel Labs, LLC. This ownership extends beyond the Helium 10 brand to include a complete array of services known for their association with achievement in online sales.

Jungle Scout's data-gathering capabilities are truly impressive. With a database that includes information from over 500 million items sold on Amazon, the company provides a comprehensive record of products available on the platform and their sales performance. Furthermore, Jungle Scout conducts extensive research to offer insights into Amazon sellers, customer purchasing trends, behavior, international imports, and other goods, ensuring its users are always well-informed.

Helium 10 provides various tools to assist Amazon FBAs and Walmart sellers in keyword research, product search, marketing, listing optimization, analytics, and more. Helium 10 gathers data from the Amazon API and processes it using machine learning and AI models to deliver exceptional results.

Jungle Scout

Product Database

The product database tool from Jungle Scout functions like Black Box tool. When using the Product Database tool, you must choose one or more categories to search for products. Additionally, you can utilize advanced parameters to refine your research.

A database of more than 70 million Amazon products is available. It categorizes and investigates product suggestions that match your search parameters. You can use filters to narrow down the search and quickly find a profitable product that matches your criteria. Some Amazon sellers overlook this product database, but I suggest using it. Employing keywords for your products can also aid in filtering and identifying the specific product to sell. It is essential to utilize this component in the search for a profitable product.

Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout's official research indicates that it is the most precise Amazon seller tool on the market, with an accuracy rate of nearly 84%. In my findings, Jungle Scout's precision consistently falls within the 84-86% range. No other tools in this industry can surpass Jungle Scout in this aspect. The conclusion is clear: Jungle Scout leads with 84% precision.

Jungle Scout assists in finding lucrative products on Amazon, estimating sales volume, researching product keywords, optimizing Amazon listings, providing insights on consumer and competitor trends, tracking and validating product ideas, locating reliable suppliers, automating customer email communications, and creating promotions.

Jungle Scout's online application examines the most profitable Amazon products and helps users identify the products that are easiest to start or expand their businesses with.

Many Amazon sellers base their product choices on guesswork rather than solid research, hoping that the products they pick will sell.

They dedicate countless hours to manual product research, relying on their instincts, whereas Jungle Scout simplifies and speeds up the product research process.

Jungle scout

Besides product research, there are numerous competitive factors to consider. Even with aggressive promotion, choosing the wrong product can lead to failure in selling it on Amazon. Today's competition is intense, and success hinges on finding a unique and lucrative product, something Jungle Scout can assist with.

Niche Hunter helps to explore profitable niche ideas and product keywords using the following search criteria:

Amazon Product Category: The Amazon product categories vary based on the country of the Amazon marketplace.

Market Competition: Competition is determined using Jungle Scout’s internal algorithm, which considers the number of reviews for the top 10 products for the specific keyword. The competition can range from very low to very high, or anywhere in between with high or low scale.

Listing Quality Score (LQS): This shows the average listing quality score for the top 10 product listings. An algorithm assesses the title, keyword, photos, bullet points, and description to determine the overall quality of the product listing. A high score (8-10) indicates a superior listing, making it tough for a seller to compete. A low score (under 4) suggests a niche with poor-quality listings, creating a good opportunity for sellers.

Average Price: This reflects the average sale price of the top 10 listings. I use this information to determine the sale price of my chosen product in a niche. I typically recommend a sale price between $20 to $30.

Niche Score: The niche score is rated on a scale from 0 to 10. It takes into account the demand, competition, and listing quality scores. A higher score indicates a better opportunity for sellers, whereas a lower score suggests a keyword with potentially low demand, high competition, high-quality listings, or a combination of these factors. A high score indicates a competitive keyword, with most listings having many reviews, while a low score represents a good opportunity for sellers.

Pros of Jungle Scout-

- The most precise Amazon seller tool

- Efficient functionalities

- Simple to use

- User-friendly interface

- Good educational materials

- Affordable pricing for beginners

- Responsive customer service

Cons of Jungle Scout-

- The pricing layout on the official website could be perplexing for newcomers.

- Jungle Scout does not offer a free plan or trial.

Helium 10

Helium 10 has a precision of 74%, putting it in third place behind Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. After considering all the information, I discovered that Helium 10's precision is 76%, which is excellent and helpful in planning your business's growth.


Helium 10 provides two product research tools: Black Box and Trendster. The Black Box tool can look for products, keywords, competitors, and niches. To find products using Black Box, you should apply its filters. You can conduct a basic search by answering a few straightforward questions or employing advanced filters to narrow your search.

The Trendster tool from Helium 10 displays sales trends, making it valuable for spotting seasonal products. Additionally, it helps identify items that may have high sales during the holiday season but minimal sales during the rest of the year. Trendster is accessible with all pricing plans, allowing anyone with a Helium 10 subscription to give it a try. It's essential to input certain information into the program as well.


Similar to Product Research, Helium 10 provides two distinct tools for keyword research: Magnet and Cerebro.

Cerebro is a tool for reverse product lookup, enabling users to search for keywords using the ASIN numbers of products. By entering one or more ASIN numbers, you can discover numerous keywords.

Magnet is a tool for conducting keyword research that lets you discover high-ranking keywords for your product by starting with a basic "seed" term. Helium 10's keyword rank tracker presents you with the best sourcing opportunities. Helium 10 Magnet enables Amazon sellers like yourself to swiftly search for relevant terms. Finding related terms can be challenging when you nly have one seed word. However, you can speed up your research by utilizing the "show phrases that contain" feature in the Magnet keyword research tool.

It requires time and energy to establish a brand. Helium 10 empowers you with all the necessary information to achieve success. Helium 10 provides the tools to aid in scaling your brand to generate revenues in the six, seven, and eight-figure range. It serves as the ultimate platform for Amazon sellers. Its comprehensive set of features, conveniently placing all essential resources at your disposal, contributes to its widespread popularity and recognition within the e-commerce and Amazon FBA communities.

Pros of Helium 10

- Data accuracy of 76%

- Offers a variety of excellent features for sellers (previously mentioned)

- Abundant resources

- User-friendly

- Professional training available

- Cost-efficient

Cons of Helium 10-

- Slightly costly for beginners

- Occasional occurrence of inaccurate data in its Chrome extension


Jungle Scout's capabilities and offerings are restricted, but its projections are almost flawless. Meanwhile, Helium 10 is precise as well, but certainly not on Jungle Scout’s level of perfection.

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